Broken Hearts, Breaking Hearts, and the Ones Who Got Away (Part Two)

After mine and Sam’s breakup, things started to spiral downward pretty quickly. I was smoking too much, drinking too much, and got myself into a few bad situations due to poor decision making.

Sam had a friend, Mike. Mike was someone who I believed to be my friend as well. After Sam broke things off with me, many of his friends started to pursue me. I was never aware that any of them were even remotely interested in me during our relationship together. Mike was one of these friends.

I never really was very interested in Mike, and purely thought of him as a friend. He asked me on a date several times, and I declined. However, one time he was going to see the same movie that I was also interested in seeing, so I told him that we could go together. Everything went well.

A few weeks after this, Mike asked me to go to a bar with him, and I accepted the invitation. We went, and I drank too much. I don’t recall much of the night, and woke up in a hotel with several of Mike and Sam’s friends, but neither Mike nor Sam was there. I asked one of the friends to call a third friend, Kevin. Kevin came and picked me up, and asked me what happened between Mike and I. I stated that nothing that I could recall had happened other than us going to a bar.

Kevin then told me that Mike told him that Mike and I had sex. This was not true to my knowledge, and if it were true, then I certainly did not consent to the action. I was extremely upset. I told Kevin as well. He stated that he believed that Mike would have never taken advantage of me, had I not wanted him to. I became even more upset, and asked him to call Mike.

I was at Kevin’s house and Mike was on his way over. I told Kevin, that if Mike came over and said to me in front of both of us, that something happened, that I wanted him to take me to the hospital so that I could have a rape kit completed and then to file a police report.

Whenever Mike arrived to Kevin’s house he stated in front of both Kevin and me that nothing had happened and that he was just making false accusations of sexual intercourse with me. I explained to him that those are serious accusations, and that he should no longer do things like that.

At that point, Mike, Kevin, and I no longer spent any time together in one another’s company.

I learned a lot from that situation, and never have I ever put myself into any situation that was similar to this one since then.

About Courtney D Gutmanhttp://thegutmanchronicle.comThis is my story in short pieces. As long as I write something everyday, I know that I am accomplishing something. I will eventually separate "Ship Wrecked" into it's own area, and my regular posts somewhere else, but until I take the time to do that, they will be mixed in together. Hopefully it will be done within the next month or so.

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